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Regarding your Christmas Theropod

Posted in Aves, Dinosaurs, Maniraptora, Paraves, Saurischia, Science, Theropoda with tags , , on December 26, 2011 by Paul Reinerfelt

Now, it is not traditional here in Sweden (we are partial to Sus scrofa here), but in many countries, including most of the English-speaking ones, it is customary to consume a roasted Theropod (specifically, a meleagridine galliform ornithothoracine pygostylian avialian eumaniraptoran paravian metornithine maniraptoran maniraptoriform tyrannoraptoran coelurosaurian avetheropodan tetanurine averostran neotheropod theropod) during Christmas.

And while you enjoyed your Paravian Maniraptor, I trust you did notice the derived features of an advanced Theropod? If not, you can check out the details of your Christmas Theropod.