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Royal Religion

Posted in Reason on June 19, 2010 by Paul Reinerfelt

Sweden is currently buzzing with the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria. I couldn’t care less about the wedding as such but there is one aspect that is an annoying residue from old ignorance.

The other day, I was on the fringes of a discussion regarding this wedding when someone wondered aloud regarding the religious views of the Crown Princess. I immediately stated that she is an Evangelical Lutheran. When questioned about how I could be so confident in this (not being even acquainted with the Princess), I just replied “Last time I checked, she was still the heiress-apparent, ergo, she is of the Evangelical Lutheran denomination”.

You see, there is this paragraph in the Swedish constitution, §4 of the Act of Succession to be precise, which specifically states that any member of the Royal Family that is not of “pure evangelical faith” as it is proclaimed in the Augsburg Confession, forfeit all rights of succession for themselves and their heirs.

Personally, I find it appalling that we (Sweden) in this day and age have laws that requires people (however few) to publicly subscribe to a religious view to remain in office! Even worse, in this case it is not just law, the Act of Succession is part of the Swedish Constitution!
That’s right, Swedish Constitution requires members of the Royal Family to (at least publicly) profess to belief in ignorant superstition to remain in office!

It is not even the case that it is a forgotten paragraph that no-one has bothered to clean up, oh no, it was diligently transferred from the Instrument of Government (Swedish: Regeringsformen) when it was revised in 1974 to remove most of the influence of the monarch on the actual government of the country. The paragraph even specifically states that the purpose of the paragraph is to uphold the intentions of the older Instrument of Government from 1809!

To make maters worse, the Augsburg Confession is a particularly nasty piece of dogma, repeatedly stressing that those of other faiths should be condemned (and why), in some cases several times. So, given that §4 of the Act of Succession requires the royal children to be brought up in the doctrine laid out in the Augsburg Confession, if our King wants to uphold the Constituion of his country then, sensu stricto, he must bring up his children to condemn muslims and other heretics! And so must princess Victoria when she has kids of her own! Strange as it sounds, I sincerely hope that our King does not respect the Swedish Constitution!